My Community

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  • By Margaret

When the phone rang at 6:30 a.m. I thought to myself “this is to early for the scam calls.”

It was the Franklin police (city I live in) asking if I was the owner of Vintage 615?

Me: Yes

Them: The Spring Hill Policeq  (where my business is)  is going to be giving you a call.

Wow…in those next seconds I was preparing myself to hear that my boutique had been broken into.
I have to admit I was a little surprised when the officer said that a gentleman had a medical emergency and crashed into my store.
I had two questions…Is he ok and is the store hurt.
The gentleman was being sent to the hospital (but he had been walking around) so it didn’t sound life threatening. Thank Goodness!!!
On the other hand the officer said the store had a big hole in it and things were broken.
Me: Is it bad?
The Officer: Yes Ma’am.
I immediately told the hubby and next I sent three messages…(1) My staff , (2) my insurance guy and (3) my girlfriends.
By the time I got there my staff was there, my insurance guy pulled up and my girlfriends started coming shorty after one after another.
They came with hugs, with encouragement, with drinks and food from our friends who own local businesses….it kinda turned into a party.
It turned out that the gentleman who had the accident was the insurance client of another friend.
I was happy about that so now I knew  I had a way of finding out how he was doing and if we could be supportive in any way.
We have a bond now.
All throughout the day friends, customers, other local business owners and the community came out to see about us.
At the end of day one of my girlfriends who owns a local restaurant called to tell me that she was sending dinner over.
I asked her instead if she could send dinner to the gentleman’s family. His insurance agent and his wife picked up the dinner and carried it over to the families house.
The gentleman was released from the hospital and we got to send dinner and let them know that we cared and not to worry about the store.
His life was more important. We can rebuild…we have insurance.
I have been able to stay in touch…I have meet and hugged his wife. She came to our Preview Party the evening before we opened after being closed for three weeks.
That night was a Real Party!!!
This is my Community!!!!